Szymon Rojek - guitarist, composer and arranger

Guitar music may undoubtedly create an exceptional atmosphere anywhere people interact with one another. It has an enormous meaning in the process of creating any kind of relations. In my repertoire people may find famous tracks and musical pieces from popular music, especially jazz, as well as my compositions, which altogether erect a romantic and energetic content.

I'm a guitarist with a long track of experience. I have the ability to adapt to various situations, and to adjust my repertoire to unleash a proper ambience. If you value inimitable atmosphere on an important private or business meeting, I strongly recommend to contact me.

I love music and I love playing the guitar!
Szymon Rojek


'Simon, You're doing absolutely great my Brother, I know there's a wonderful future ahead of You, keep rockin' with your music!'

Andrea Valeri

'Szymon Rojek is an outstanding guitarist filled with enormous sensitivity and music taste. His music compositions touch a listener, and bring in a good mood'

Piotr Krępeć

'I notice a lot of passion and naturalness in Rojek's performance. He has mastered classic guitar and he perfectly finds himself in popular music: jazz, swing and Latin America music'

Filip Fiebiger

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